IRMSSSDR_icon International Rocky Mountain Stage Stop Sled Dog Race 1996

The world famous dog mushers been to Wyoming February 1996. Japanese musher Keizo Funatsu were one of them. He finished at 3rd place!! Winner was Rick Swenson who looks like King of Mushers.

raamicon Race Across America 1996

Irvine LosAngeles to Savannah Georgia 2,904miles non stop BICYCLE race. Followed all race cource with Japanese bicyclist Kaname Sakurai and made Web Pages in the race with Ricoh DC-1 or 2 digital camera and Fujitsu FM-V notebook computer (Windows 95 on Pentium 100MHz).

Also each path through States' information or histories are available.

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IDITAROD -1049 Mile Sled Dog Race-


click on the dog nose for an introduction to Keizo Funatsu

Who knows the frozen world of -50 below?. Dog mushers are going into the frozen world of Mother Nature in Alaska. They are tuff and quiet but have a strong mind for "I did it". Why? Because they have their best friends around them. It's their dogs. Dogs are the main feature of the Iditarod trial. Mushers are there only for taking care of the dogs. Some pictures are focused on Mr.Keizo Funatsu (Japanese musher).

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Keizo Funatsu and 24 mushers make drama on Alaskan white outfield.
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