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- Meteor Stream & Comet -

Comet 17/Holmes
2007/11/18 23:51 P.M.

Orion U.K. 152mm + LPS-P1 + EOS20Da ISO800
2minutes on Losmandy G11

Comet 17/Holmes
2007/11/18 22:12 P.M.

TV85 + 0.8X Reducer + LPS-P1 + EOS20Da

Orionid Meteor Shower 2006/10/22 02:37 A.M.

The night sky is too bright but I took this shot anyway as a memento of the event and used digital enhancement to bring out the image complete with meteor trail.

Macholz Comet 2005/1/9 20:20 P.M.

The night at Kobe is too bright to see a target like this just opposite with England (maybe you know the postcard "Night of London" (it is just black). Well, we drinking cold beer because Japanese refrigerator (famous joke : why British drinks warm beer - because uses Lucas refrigerator!!) though.). Even uses British telescope, still bright night sky make impossible to see the beautiful tail of the comet.

leonids011119.jpg (40375 oCg)Leonids 2001/11/19 02:49A.M.

Leonids - The topic of the autumn 2001. I've got cold when this meteor stream coming. But that night was noisy outside because neighbors looking up the peak of that. I carry out Nikon 950 digital camera with fisyeye adapter lens. So many shutters then finally lucky to get this one. The light of the Kobe city shown on the bottom corners.

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