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I am not specialist regarding telescopes. I'm appreciated to read and learn a lot of things about telescopes by any Amateur astronomers' WWW sites. Then I'd like to write little bit about telescope with my 34years camera experiance. Please accept my appology to the enthusiasts because writing this like trying to teach my grandmother to suck eggs.

About BORG76ED

Maybe no one object when I say BORG is one of the top telescope at cost performance. As starter's choice, or use as guide scope, B class BORG (outlets) are especially good buy. Some of the enthusiasts uses Takahashi FS102 as guide scope. However, person who going to buy the first telescope, it makes bad feeling that "Am I buying guide scope as main scope?". I do not like it, too. BORG is very light weight then easy to carry out. It mean not only easy to pay (because also low price) but also easy to fit with german equatorial mounts because low load then naturally the better one as a guide scope.

At the optical performance, scathing criticism web site scopeviwers dot com gives #4 level. It mean one step lower than Astro-Physics, Tele-Vue or Takahashi. However, smaller than 100mm, it is reasonable with that difference of the price.

In passing, even at the low price optical tube, you can get great result with good eyepieces. So, use $500 eyepiece with $500 telescope is not stupid usage. Just only possible to make your mind to do that.

If the most important point at selecting telescope is "how many times you'll use it", then the BORG comes up to one of the first line. Because if you'll have large telescopes which hard to ready to use, you'll been tired before see the stars and maybe hesitate to use telescope, soon. Also, environment is the kind of most important point. You can not take over the environment under the light pollution then you will go to the better places. BORG has very high potential because easy to move, easy to prepare.

At the other point of view, BORG has weakpoints include the things which good to does not matter because low price. At the focus helical focuser, object goes out from flame when tight it up at high magnifications (not mean it is defect because over magnification as designed). One of the web site tells BORG's lens made by HOYA (Japan's famoust eyeglass maker). It is hard to use the telescope with over magnification even it made by top class lens maker. Possibly I've hit the limit because my one is B class. And I decided to step up because hit the BORG's limit.

The high quality optical glass source has been limited at the value or the size. BORG has great reason for existing because TOMY made low-price high specification telescope from the limited source.

I'm appreciated to the telescope shop EYEBELL (Tsu-City, Mie, Japan) gave best set to me. And EYEBELL's Mr.Kurimoto who always gives kindness answers to my hard questions.

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