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jupiter011216_2311.jpg (19612 ???) Jupiter 01/12/16 saturn_011216.jpg (17183 ???) Saturn 01/12/16

The influenza is not easy to heal at this year, again. But, took out the telescope because sky was so clear. It was lucky weather. I feel I've hit the BORG 76's limit.

jupiter011202_2225.jpg (11922 ???) Jupiter 01/12/02 saturn011209.jpg (18075 ???) Saturn 01/12/09

jupiter011202_2225s.jpg (1696 ???)Took with short focus of the zoom and put in the TeleVue PowerMate 2.5X. The picture left is single image. The image above is after merged.


jupiter011123_b.jpg (18903 ???) Jupiter 01/11/23 saturn011123_0051.jpg (16569 ???) Saturn 01/11/23

The two pictures above is almost best which made with Nikon 950 and BORG76ED. It is so difficult to use slow shutter with Nikon950 because no cable release.

jupiter011125_wstlt.jpg (15704 ???) Jupiter 01/11/25

Continue to take Jupiter's picture with satellite. You can see the Galileo's four satellites moved and all four satellites were visible.

jupiter011124_2146.jpg (16479 ???) jupiter011124_wstlt.jpg (39036 ???) Jupiter 01/11/24

You can see the Galileo's four satellites moving when keep watching every day. Three of the satellites were visible.

As animation below, the atmosphere makes seeing bad. And the visibility changes time by time. However, if take the pictures then merged by software Astro Stak which made by Mr. R.J.Stakelenburg, you can get result like above. So, the pictures above does not mean you can see the planets like this. The picture below right is the screenshot of the Astro Stak.

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First Step - learning shots-

jupiter011030_2253.jpg (17760 ???) jupiter011113_2300.jpg (20690 ???) jupiter011120_2051.jpg (18416 ???) Jupiter saturn011030_2112.jpg (19098 ???) saturn011121_0042.jpg (16216 ???) Saturn

It was so hard to take Jupiter as just circle on picture because blur. And it was hard to keep object in center because Or5mm has too small image circle. Finally, I decided to have Radian 4mm. However, it was so bad seeing then Jupiter looks like rotted square water melon. If this is not digital camera, my wallet was might be empty by film and development fee. The pictures above could take after I've got the motor drive. It is so great device even does not have a polar scope. (Why without polar scope? Because I can not see the polar star at where I'm using the telescope at my house. I will have it later, of course.)

11/21 add
Little bit better seeing. Add Jupiter (3rd picture from the left)

11/13 add
Try to the Jupiter again. So bad seeing by winter jetstream then feels like looking stars as reflection on the water in the tub. Maybe I have to wait the Spring.

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