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- MOON by BORG76ED -

Japanese Moon has different names by that view/age.
So, hopefully you can enjoy it at my pictures, too.

moon_011125_1757.jpg (62138 ???)01/11/25
Clowdy. When almost giving up to take, but moon comes up. I was going to bed but took time to process.

moon_011124_1800.jpg (32204 ???)01/11/24
It is so bad seeing. Maybe because winter type of the distribution of atmospheric pressure.

moon011120_1753.jpg (46399 ???)01/11/20
My new Radian 18mm eyepiece gives real power. Great result without aberrations and it is so sharp.

moon011104.jpg (53677 ???)01/11/06
This is normal photograph (not digital).

moon011011_0048.jpg (43287 ???)  moon011029_2203.jpg (39128 ???) moon011024_1728.jpg (94820 ???)

What you'll see when you'll get your first telescope? Maybe Moon after you'll adjusted the finder by some object. Not the wolf crying to the moon but bear seeing the moon. Start to take picture with Nikon 950 digital camera. Eyepiece is VIXEN Kelner 20mm. First shot was just hold by hand. second (center) has been used digital camera adapter. And 3rd (right) used VIXEN LV20mm. I can not live with this magnification aberrations.

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