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Here's my story and why I created this website. I was in my 40's and my eyes were tired, a feeling everyone will eventually know, and with terrorism and daily events, my view of the world was dim. Remembering the wondrous stars of my youth, I decided I needed a telescope to help my old eyes see the heavens.
I enjoy making 3D graphics with my Astro pictures as backgrounds. So, in a way, my work and passion are the same. Then, I struggled to learn the technology to capture these images. So, here is my knowledge, a sort of gift from me, so that you can see the sky in a more beautiful way.

12/10/2011 Full Moon Eclipse
Is it possible to use VIXEN AGA-1 Auto-guider with Losmandy GM-8?
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Oct 8, '14
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Imagine the galaxy as you would see it with your naked eye, take a look ...
This this gives you an idea of how digital photography enhances images and, how it can help you learn in new ways.


The night supposed to be dark

It was empty property near by my house. Now 30 of the houses building on. Another one of the neighbor uses sensor light in front of his garage. It's amazingly bright. When car runs in front of that, the lamp ON and kills my shot for the night sky. At Higashinada ward Kobe city, so many apartments are building where houses broken out by Earthquake. These are another additional light source. The bright neon sign has been built just side of the highway. Supermarket "Daiei" started 24 hours open. They does not turn their huge sign's light-up off on their building even in the night.

However, most bad effect is the property where building 30 houses. One of the street light is so bright. No wall between my house. Then even 10 seconds exposure, only I could get the white out shot. So I did not bring my telescope out to take the night sky picture a year. Couple of weeks ago, finally 2 of the houses built between that light and my house. I decided to see the night sky again. However, as I written, the zone where I live are changed more brighter than a year ago at night. It mean hopeless for the deep sky shot.

Again, the word "Kobe's Ten Million Dollar Night View" does not meant beauty. It meant Kobe's "Ten Million Dollar MOTTAINAI". (Let you search about word "MOTTAINAI" at Wangari Muta Maathai related web site "The Green Belt Movement")
Regarding too bright neon sign on side of the highway, it making driver blind. Because driver's eyes can not adjust against bright and dark so quickly. It is so danger and where the corporate governance are.
Regarding supermarket Daiei, what they learned from foreign supermarkets that open 24 hours? I've been a lot of 24 hours open supermarket at USA however, I've never seen so bright store with many employee working even in midnight.

Basically, if everywhere bright, it reduce the value of the bright at night town zone. I know the job title "Lighting Designer". Maybe they did not want to light up everywhere so much like this. Because light are beautiful when find it in the dark. The Lighting Designers might be well-known about that. Night supposed to be dark. At the room light, we can use dimmer to light down step by step until go to bed. Then you will have peaceful sleep in the bed. At the same reason, you can wake up healthy morning by bright light. Too bright night are not sound good as country where saying "ENVIRONMENT". If we use light better, we never lost any good point about bright city and get dark night sky back at the same time. I think we can find the way with modern resources like LED.

(October 23, 2006)


METEOR ORIONID METEOR SHOWER Sept.22 2006, Macholz Comet, LEONIDS by Nikon950+Fisheye

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