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- PLANET by Orion 300mm f4 -

Saturn 04/11/08

At the 300mm reflector, collimation was always big problem to me. But finally I think I've get how to do it. By fine tuning, Orion 300mm show me the best view of the plant. At the same time, Contax SL300R T*'s endless shooting gives enough shots to composite at Saturn because longer minutes at rotation limit. This shot is a result of composite 444 cuts of pictures. Looks like by 300mm, finally!!

Saturn 2004-11-08

Jupiter 04/05/05

It was holiday-season in Japan. Sorry for everybody because weather was so bad. At final day of the holidays, few chance comes up at last. I made up panels like partition to shut wind out around telescope. How it works? I think it worked. Let you see picture right for compare with pictures below. Maybe little bit better.

Well, Jupiter is already high at Southern sky in early evening. It is almost end of the season. Hopefully some good item will be released until next season.

Jupiter 2004-05-05

Saturn 2004 3 14 Saturn 04/03/14

Wait so long to next photo to publish because I've been stuck to the collimation. It was so difficult to get best tune for Saturn. Because focus was little bit soft, always. But finally I get best collimation then now I have this shot.

Used Pentax XO2.5 eyepiece with Nikon E4500. However, at this case, equipment is less value than collimation and condition. After took the Saturn photo in Chatsworth, I'm so disappointed with jet stream on Japanese sky. At 300mm diameter telescope, that effects to the focus even I could not find best point of focus. Also I have good one which took with Radian. Unfortunately wind brow then could not get enough shots to composite up as quality like this.

I made up this one as 1280x1024 pixels then you can put this on to your computer screen as wallpaper. Or, maybe printed out as A4 size to pin-up to your wall. 

03/08/28 Mars by Orion 300mm f4 Mars 03/08/28 The Mars's Day

It's a day. At 8:00p.m. J.S.T.,  Mars comes up to the Eastern sky. However too low to take a shot. After that moment, weather changed to the cloudy. However, weather report says it will be fine at midnight. So, I waited. It was possible to bring Mars in to the scope at between cloud and cloud before midnight. And then, finally, after midnight, cloud brow out at the southern sky and Mars shows up like saying "let you take me".

We can see the Mars in closer after a month in more early night. However, this night is absolute "the day".

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Jupiter 03/04/27 Jupiter with Europa 03/04/27

At the start of the holidays, a pair of high pressures comes but it was high-cloudy with wind. I know this one is not good enough as by 300mm. However, we can see the Europa's silhouette.

Jupiter 03/04/17

This picture shows rich information by few shots of sources. Each picture has more information in them so when composite it become more rich picture than TV85.

Jupiter 03/04/15

After try and error, finally I cold get this one which shows little bit rich information than TV85's picture when compared them. It was lucky to get the satellites together. At this one, little bit adjusted the contrast separately with Jupiter and satellites to show them up.

Jupiter 03/04/08 saturn011223.jpg (20549 bytes)

This is the memorial first light with 300mm. Not collimated yet. But large diameter takes over the bad seeing 3/5. I've try to figured out the setting to get focus or checked how Paracore works then forgot the time has passing over until midnight. After this night, also it was bad weather but, I spent a week to puzzling the way how to collimating.

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