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- PLANET by Orion Optics 152mm f5 -

Jupiter by Orion 6 09/08/16Jupiter - Aug 16, 2009

It was better night - seeing was 4/5 to shot Jupiter because summer holiday season in Japan. Maybe closed factories made air clean. I was using Ricoh GX100 because more shots than GX200 (new model) however, at this moment, I figured out GX100 generate sharper image but GX200 are more fine at detail. So, tried to use GX200 (left).

Jupiter by Orion 6 09/08/16

GX 200 could took only about 150 shots - less than 200 shots in 2 minutes. But, when compare with GX100's result at same night, 200 is better even composited 355 shots / 3.5 minutes. It was little bit confused to touch up but enjoyable as same as clearing puzzle.

If Ricoh will makes camera which possible to take 2 times more, we can have really gorgeous picture.

Jupiter by Orion 6 08/07/25Jupiter - July 25, 2008

Collimate shooting switched camera from broken Finecam to Ricoh GX100. Light weight body and remote cable make things easier. Basically GX100 can not take so much pictures in short time however high speed SD memory with smaller file size makes better result possible. I could shoot over 200 pictures in 2 mintues.

By the way, I made this picture only on Mac. All necessary software works over CrossOver Mac. So no more need Windows PC. Feeling much better now.

Saturn 050109Jupiter - May 7, 2005

The thing what most impossible to have the good planet picture in Japan is the seeing. It was so miserable seeing day by day. "See, Jupiter is there" we can look it up so easily because so blight. However, when look it up by the telescope, jet stream make view absolutely same as looking something up from the bottom of the swimming pool.

This shot is a kind of lucky one which I've got the better shot in tens of the poor pictures. I use Kyocera Finecam SL400R that sales in low price because Kyocera abandoned the digital camera market. Also I used digital video camera but no luck.

By the way, I put my Vixen GPD-PC GEM + SkySensor 2000PC traded in with Losmandy G11 GEM. It is not in my hand yet but hopefully arrive soon. The Vixen mount with SkySensor's motor MT4 were not suitable to take pictures to me. I settled Vixen with German Berlebach's wooden tripod and it was so lovely. Just too hard to settled it to better framing to shoot the stars. And now what I'd like to say is, "Losmandy is the best". I made this one with GM-8.

Saturn 050109Saturn - January 9, 2005

As I written at the top page, 152mm f5 telescope is for traveling with larger apperture size as large as possible. One of the absolute fault was the picture of Saturn by TV85. So, this is a kind of example how 152mm P-V ratio 1/8 works. If millor quality is poor, result are might be poor. So I'm happy to have this telescope.

At today - the digital camera era, we need different specification to the telescope to take pictures by digital technorogy. Magazine's rumor telling Takahashi will be release the MT160 reflector series as different design. It is possible because we need faster telescope to get good result. However, takahashi is not best maker for reflector, histrically. Refractor = Takahashi but Reflector was Gotoh as Japanese maker. Today Gotoh quit to sale their products to the amateur market. So, I think Orion UK is one of the reasonalble best choice.

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