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November 13, '03

Not so much better than the picture below? However, this one is by EOS 10D. The difference is adjustment value to get blue color. Also, at Chatsworth, the night sky is so bright and not good enough to take the deep sky images as same as Kobe Japan is. (please see planet page)

If I could get the image at Gila, New Mexico, it might be more beautiful blue on the dark. Because actually I could see them by my naked eyes. (please do not ask the reason why I could not shoot them... I hated.)

If you interested to the low latitude Aurora, please let you browse the picture which took at Gila, New Mexico. I guess this is might be aurora because timing reason.

Pleades 030905Sept. 05, '03

It was so long time I've missed the deep sky. Seven sisters were so beautiful to see even under the light pollution.

SkySensor 2000PC gives good drive result for TV85 which light weight telescope when compare with Orion 300mm

The picture right adjusted to the wallpaper size. Maybe you can enjoy it on your PC.


Oct. 29, '02

Changed the deep sky filter to the LPS-P1. It was so cold night but also town was dark. Maybe limit of the deep sky picture at Kobe. One of the difficult thing is guide. BORG76ED has ED lens of course as named. It is not best to use as the guide scope because temperature makes ED problem at the fine level. My problem is, can not get enough pictures to composite.

Nikon E5000 has optional 6 AA size battery use case. This case gives me more time to take pictures.

Also I made the animation "where the M42 is".

Feb.15, '02

m45_020215s.jpgThe problem was on brightness gap between center and around when taking wider view. Then try to use the Flattener with eyepiece to take picture as collimate. This way works fine. However, the light pollution was so bad (5 minutes exposure example). Looks like 2 minutes limit. Subaru (M45's Japanese name, not car maker) is blue so used deep sky filter with this. I think deep sky filter is not match with digital camera. It is low magnification then easy to guide. Borg 76ED used as guide scope. It was on adjustable unit then blur by wind but not made guide miss at this result. By the way, winter season is not best to take picture of planets because jet stream on Japan. Galaxy is better than planet as target in this season. Just only need cold resistant skill. But, it is so cold even experienced Alaskan winter like 45 below.


Feb.09,'02 Five shots which 3 to 5 minutes exposure composites. This night was lucky dark as the first day of the holidays. Also sky was so clear then I've try to expose 5 minutes again and again. The visible gas was telling it is good seeing. Finally, more deep color and little bit fine detail comes up on PhotoShop after composite and adjustment. BORG 76ED used as a guide scope.

Feb.07,'02 The main shot exposed 5 minutes. Another pictures exposed 2 and 3 minutes then total 3 pictures composite. Looks like better at gas part.  Actually I've took shots at the day before. However, it was too bad seeing. I'd like to get it little bit more sharper. Nikon E5000 is very good camera but it is so boring to waiting the noise reduction process.

Pictures as practice

Feb.03,'02 The picture left is 2 pictures which each has 5 minutes exposures composite on PhotoShop. Low contrast and low tint setting. Auto guide works fine. However, hit the CCD's limit at dark side because no more dark detail comes up and only red noise shows up when pull the shadow detail up. Each star has magenta color on edge because weak point of the Nikon digital camera.

Feb.02,'02 The Five of 2 minutes exposure shots composite and adjusted on PhotoShop. Just saved the color adjust to make it  looks like natural. When the polar scope setting failure, it is so terrible result. However, it is not visible on E5000's own monitor because so small. I've got the result above because lucky.

M42 by TeleVue85

Jan.30,'02 I've got VIXEN AGA-1 Auto-guider to following good enough. However, the place where I put on the telescope is not visible the polar star. So, guide miss is terrible on this one even it is only two minute exposure. Looks like so far a way to try to the current film picture with this system.

M42 by TeleVue85

Jan.30,'02 This shot took as test of exposure at Nikon 5000 because possible to use BULB until 5 minutes. However, can not exposure so long because light pollution. So, it is difficult to show up the gas part.

M42 by TeleVue85

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